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March 31, 2006



It's gorgeous here too. I love the part about breaking down barriers between sacred and profane. What a key point! I hope we can get real with Jesus. I fear that our institutions get in the way.


I keep thinking about this post. I'm helping with the delegation of youth from our diocese to General Convention. If you look at the materials that are available for young people to prepare for GC, they are all about church history and polity. Tell me, when did any of that ever matter one whit in doing God's work? Why would we pretend that it does? Can't we just be honest and say, here's how we get stuff done, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is, well, yes, preparing to serve.


I too believe the institution gets in the way. Especially when they confuse their theology with truth with a capital T. I really think it is a generational difference. Boomers still believe theology and absolute Truth are the same thing, while us Xers doubt any man or institution possesses absolute Truth, and we aren't even sure if there is one to possess in the first place...

...I guess I'm just starting to feel the Boomer-Xer generational tension more and more nowadays. It's nice to read the Xer perspective laid out so well in your words.

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