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March 21, 2007



there should be dancing in the streets!
This voice from the bishops should be sent out to all peoples in all places, this is the hope for the oppressed, this is the Gospel message.
We will have tough times, but I now feel the strength to endure.
Peace and hugs brother


I was just remembering that the first time I sang "All are welcome" was at All Saints' in Pasadena. I remember not being able to finish the hymn because I was weeping and so was nearly every person standing near me.

Dancing to Jesus' lead, indeed!


Okay, you can't be posting the lyrics to "All Are Welcome". You know how it makes me cry. And yes, there should be dancing in the streets. I'm so relieved to see the prophetic voice that I believed in when I showed up at TEC. I feel like dancing, too!


These are exciting times, I am so impressed by your "crisis on our part" comment. Cute but quite succinct.


Welcome Monk-in-Training! Where are you? Over the years I've had several OSG friends


:) I'm so happy over this... it sounds like the voice of the spirit I found when I wandered into TEC years ago. All are welcome indeed!


Tim! So glad to "read" your voice.


I am in Tulsa OK. :)

Glad to be visitng your blog, hope you come to mine


great blog!

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